What Are The Consequences of Pain and Suffering for Someone?

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Another person or entity’s negligent or intentional acts during an accident left you physically injured. But along with your medical expenses and lost income, you might also be entitled to be compensated for the pain and suffering that you’ve had to endure due to the accident. Damages for pain and suffering encompass both physical and mental or emotional pain and suffering. 


Below are common examples and consequences of pain and suffering damages that might apply to your case: 


Physical Impairments


Besides majorly disrupting your life, the evidence for would be difficult to challenge, especially if the injured victim’s ability to do their daily tasks, move, work, or do things that would’ve normally been easy is significantly impaired. This is particularly true if you suffered long-term or permanent disabilities. 


Physical Pain


While not as easy to prove as a physical impairment, physical pain could have a massive impact on your day-to-day life. Take note that even injured victims who’ve reached maximum medical improvement might be left with debilitating chronic pain. 


Loss of or Reduced Quality of Life


Anyone who has suffered serious injuries following an accident will feel that their lost qualify of life has been reduced or completely lost if their days revolve around physical therapy and doctor visits and are further complicated by various mental issues, relationship problems, and medication side effects. 




Although the occasional outburst is understandable, considering the consequences of your pain and suffering, chronic and disruptive anger will not only affect the victim but their families and friends as well. 




Like physical impairments, disfigurement, such as burns, extensive scarring, and amputated limbs are easy to prove. Unfortunately, these are permanent reminders of the accident and your injuries. 




This is so much more than just feeling sad. Depression is an immensely overwhelming feeling that makes a person feel like nothing matters. In more serious cases, untreated depression could lead to self-harm, or worse, suicide. 




Like depression, anxiety isn’t just about being scared or something. It is an overwhelming and/or irrational fear of something, usually related to the accident in the case of injured victims. Anxiety could lead to withdrawal, sleeping disturbances, and PTSD, among many others. 




Accident victims who develop post-traumatic stress disorder suffer from distressing recurrent memories of the accident and relieve the events as if they were happening all over again. They could even experience extreme physical reactions or emotional distress when they think or see something that reminds them of the accident. 


Loss of Companionship or Consortium


This does not only apply to married people, as an injured victim’s child or parent might likewise experience the loss of companionship, security, affection, or care. If the injured victim was the primary caretaker of the child or parent, this loss could be especially devastating. 


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